Improvising the End

A successful year for the drama club has come to an end as the last show was performed this past week.  The club went out on a typical Columbus way, the improv show.

One of the most successful clubs in all of Columbus performed their last production of the 2016-2017 school year in the Lawrence Bell Center. Their famous spring production “Too Much Light Makes the Explorer Go Blind,” an improv show led by moderator Mrs. McGrath, who commented that the club had a great year in regard to thespian competitions.

The improv show was full of energy as the jokes were hysterical.  The show was acceptable for all ages as just about anyone was there.  Ages ranged from kids that couldn’t walk, all the way to the grandparents of the performers.

As an audience member, it was great seeing the drama students perform something out of the ordinary that is not common for them to do.  Most of their shows are dramatic and may contain some kind of comedy.  But improv is one of the most difficult shows to perfect and they did just that.

It was a happy ending as the crowd recognized the group for their performances throughout the year.  Seniors Thomas Barrera and Miguel Corral performed their last drama show of their high school careers and “passed down the torch” to the younger generations of the club.

Thomas Barrera has been a member of the thespian group since his freshmen year.  Having been a part of the rising years of the drama team, he’s been able to succeed though his other activities.  Also a member of the debate team, he has competed at a national level for dramatic debate.  That should say it all.

Gonzalo Londoño, who is the club’s president for next year, says the club looks bright next year for the competition level.

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