Spring Jamboree

High School Football is back…… Well only momentarily. With the start of spring football beginning well over a month ago, every high school in the nation displayed what they called a “Spring Game.” meaning the teams would play another high school in an exhibition match. While most high schools play a spring game, a school in Palm Beach County decided to turn things up a notch by hosting a spring Jamboree, where two or more high school gather to play in one location.

Palm Beach Lakes, home to one of the top safeties in the class of 2018 Gurven Hall who’s committed to the University of Miami as a junior, his school played teams like the 5 time state champions the Miami Central Rockets, who are poised to make a return back to the state championship game. Other teams that were involved was Deerfield Beach HS who lost to the defend state champions Miami Southridge in the State Semifinals last season and Boynton Beach HS, the school that the defending Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson reins from.

“We thought it would be a perfect outing for the teams and the players to play in this type of game,” Al Shipman HC of Palm Beach Lakes said. “We decided to spice things up by adding teams like Miami Central, who resume speaks for itself and Deerfield Beach HS who’s poised to return back to the state semi final game.”

The first game that was played was the Miami Central Rockets vs Palm Beach Lakes and the game was over before it even started. Miami Central would go on to win the game 28-0 and they were led by Florida St. running back commit James Cook and Sophomore Quarterback Maurice Underwood.

“We haven’t played a game in well over eight months, so we just wanted to show everyone that we’re still the big dogs in 6A and we’re coming to take what’s ours,” Maurice Underwood said.

“My brother (Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings 2nd round pick) and Joe Yearby (Undrafted free agent with the San Francisco 49ers) said that we can’t let down the legacy, so i’m coming to play to the best of my ability and bring home another state title.

The next game was the game everyone came out to see, Miami Central vs Deerfield Beach HS. A class between two titans in their respective classes. Miami Central would go on to lose to Deerfield Beach 10-0 in a defensive battle.

“We just wanted to come and show everyone that we can play with the big dogs,” Linebacker Rosendo Louis said.”

“Our boys came out fired up!!,” Jevon Glenn HC of Deerfield Beach HS said.”

In the final two games, Boynton Beach HS defeated Deerfield Beach 6-3 and Boynton Beach defeated Palm Beach Lakes 6-0

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