High School Friends: The Journey That Never Ends

Making friends in high school isn’t always the easiest thing for everyone to do. But, when you find that special group of friends that you wouldn’t trade for anything, it’s an incredible feeling.

This is a felling Our Lady of Lourdes Academy seniors: Sophia Acebo, Valeria “Val” Sarabia, and Emi Bonet have experienced with the friendship they have ground of the last year they have known each other.

Valeria and Emi attended elementary and middle school together at St. Teresa, while Sophia joined the friends just this year. While most would be a bit timid to join a pair o friends this late in the game Sophia was welcomed by the duo, making the senior year trio, best friends almost instantly.

“It’s not everyday you meet people that you have an instant connection to, the way Emi, Val and I do” said Sophia when asked why she felt so happy to join the group.

While they are close friends the relationship they all have will be tested after this summer. As all three of them will be attending different universities and colleges, in three different states.

Emi is going to NYU, Sophia to Baylor, and Val to Miami-Dade for two years to transfer to FIU. With this separation it won’t only be harder to stay in touch because of conflicting schedules, but also to keep up the combination between meeting new people and experimenting their new lives.

The girls were worried about once the three made their decisions on where they were going to college.

However, they realized that distance would be no match of their friendship. “The love and support we have for each other is too great for any amount of miles to take that away. We expect to come back on breaks and act just as we did when we lived down here” Said Emi, remarking on how the girls were going to keep up the relationship.

The girls have become close by hanging out during and after school, but what really made them a tight knit group was the sport of cheerleading.

Val and Sophia have been cheering together on the Varsity cheer team for the last two years. they grew closer and closer through a bond as teammates. Emi also found a way to be apart of the cheer life without actually having to cheer. BY becoming the cheerleaders cheerleader.

“She comes to all the games we cheer at and is there at all of our competitions as well. We love seeing her there because it shows how much she cares and how much she wants us to succeed, it’s really great to have her apart of that aspect of our friendship.” Val said.

As the girls part ways they know that thins goodbye they know they will be together again not only in each other thoughts but in each others hearts as well.

Written and edited by: Justin Jackson
Filmed by: Luis Gonzalez

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