A farewell to the class of 2017

By: Joey Vazquez

The 2016-2017 school year at Christopher Columbus High School was anything but ordinary. With numerous events and many “firsts” for Columbus, the senior class goes out on a very memorable note.

The school year started with, once again, another successful Beach Bash put on by our Student Activities Committee. A true “warm” welcome for the class of 2020 and I say warm cause of hot and sticky August weather that plagues that plagues the all-star event making students realize if they’re dancing in Cafe Columbus or an industrial size sauna. Nevertheless, the event was a success and really set the momentum of the upcoming school year.

Another notable event was the famous Columbus vs. Belen football game and the it’s accompanying pep rally. This year the game was held at Tropical Park and the buzz from the student sections could’ve probably have been heard for miles. However no Columbus Belen game is complete without its pep rally. Teachers and students raved that this year was one of the greatest pep rallies ever put on by the students of the S.A.C. when those dastardly kids from Belen kidnapped Columbus’ second mascot “Ham the space monkey’s” cousin Harambe leaving some fellow Explorers to embark on a search and rescue mission to save Harambe so he could attend the upcoming football game. The Explorers went on to win the game 24-10 for 12 straight wins!

This year also featured another “Battle of the Sexes,” a talent show put on by the S.A.C. where Columbus goes head to head with its sister school, OLLA. The show was hosted by Homecoming Queen, Gaby Pombo and Columbus senior, Joey Vazquez in where Columbus was desperate to reclaim the title after last year’s lost. The Explorers prevailed and the trophy is back where it belongs.

2017 marked the 200th Anniversary for the Marist Brothers, and with it came the first annual Columbus Family picnic and Pig Roasting contest. The event coordinated by Pedro Marti and Carlos Gonzalez brought the entire Columbus community together one Saturday to enjoy some great times and even greater lechon as they recognized the Marist brothers who shaped them throughout their years at Columbus.

This year’s Senior Prom “Cirque Columbus” featured acrobats, stilt walkers and a night filled with fun activities that the class of 2017 will cherish forever. The prom’s main event was a live acrobat show that proceeded dinner, and then the seniors danced the night away even with a live performance from one of their own, Danny Morales, who debuted a new single live for the class of 2017.

The class of 2017 continued to amaze throughout the year by setting a school record by winning big at the James L. Knight Center. The Explorers took home a whopping 4 honorable mentions and 4 Silver Knights. A huge congrats to those students and their accomplishments in helping their community.

The 2016-2017 school year was truly a memorable one and as it comes to close Columbus say farewell to yet another Senior class whose lasting impressions will forever be immortalized in the halls of Columbus.

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