The Varsity Letterman: It’s Not Only For Sports

The varsity letterman, it seems like everyone around here has one. The common belief tends to associate the jacket with the varsity athlete, but here at columbus that’s definitely not the case. We have given out letterman’s here not only for athletics, but clubs and activities. But not everyone is on board with that.

Some athletes don’t see this as fair because clubs “don’t work as hard”. But some can argue that they do. It’s true clubs deserve recognition, especially those that win at state or national levels but there maybe a different way to go about it.

From the athlete’s point of view there is a certain pride about having a varsity letterman. Put in time, effort, sweat, and occasionally blood. Varsity status is earned and very important to lots of students that achieve it. But one can argue that clubs work just as hard.

Clubs need to plan, practice and perform or compete. The work clubs and activities do is to prepare and succeed. The work some clubs do prepares them to compete not only statewide but on the national level.

The drama club is a great example of a club where the kids work hard and are really good at what they do. The club has won so many awards and gotten so many accolades not only as a team but also individually. Straight superiors at state level for individual events straight superiors at the district level. These are just some of the awards the club has received.

Not only are all of these are on the highest level of competition, but we have no intention of stopping there. So do they not also deserve letterman’s for thier work? Being this good isn’t a mistake, it takes work and talent to be that good.

It’s definitely important that athletes get recognition for the hard work that they do, it’s a no brainer. But clubs definitely need to be appreciated for the work that they do as well. But there’s a pretty solid solution. The school could create a “club letterman”.

It’s not ideal but it could work, so here’s the idea. A new jacket is created, maybe a different color pattern with a different design, only to be given to clubs.

That way clubs like drama, robotics, and even ccnn, can show off all of their accomplishments. We could have our own patches and logos for our clubs. This way we all get the real recognition we deserve.

Written by: Justin Jackson
Filmed by: Anthony Fernandez
Edited by: Gonzalo Londoño

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