Columbus volleyball team set on state championship

The Columbus volleyball team has their eyes set on the state title. They came far last year, the improved in small areas, for example outside hitting and front row has more experience. As they look to win it all they first off have to win districts at St Brendon High School. They host districts hoping to win it again. They team its self has more experience compared from last year. Complimenting their hard work their connection between each other is just as strong. “The unity or brotherhood they have here feels like their more than friends or classmates, their brothers.”said head coach Pedro Penate. “Were actually really good friends, we hangout after school, we always eat together, its a huge team dynamic.”said Logan Plummer. They have a strong brotherhood than other schools. “I think that Columbus volleyball is different from others schools in Miami Dade because our program is different, we have a coach who is experienced we also have players that all play together and close. I think our program can be better than any other program in Miami Dade.” said Nicholas Suarez. They energy of the game causes a stronger connection during the game. Although volleyball isn’t a famous sport at Columbus the energy of the game flows throughout the gym. “I know its not a poplar sport on the men’s side but I think when people come watch it you would start liking it more because it is fast pace. It’s an emotional game. It’s my second year at Columbus and seeing the tradition and I know its an emotional game.” said Heaad coach Pedro Penate. From a players perspective Nicholas Suarez says “It’s fun because its so quick, it happens so fast that one play to he next, you dont have a lot of time to worry about your mistakes. You have to forget about your mistakes and move on.”. They are a very relaxed practiced atmosphere, but they work hard, coach Penate pushes the kids but the most important thing is that they have fun.

CCNN Live’s Kristopher Trapp contributed to this report.

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