200th Anniversary celebrated with pig roast

This past month, Columbus celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Marist Brothers the Miami way, with a pig roast. A pig roast that will be remembered and which may be the start of something new.


Being a Marist school, Columbus takes pride in the brotherhood it has created with alumni as well as the Marist brothers who have contributed.  For their 200th anniversary, Columbus decided to celebrate how Miamians usually celebrate, and that’s a pig roast.


But it wasn’t like occasional pig roast, it was a competition.  With over 20 competitors and 100 plus in attendance, it seemed impossible to not leave with a full stomach.  The event featured a lot of fellow alumni and other members from the Columbus family.  Everyone of all ages participated as the kids had bounce houses as well as a rock climbing wall.


“We do a lot of events here at Columbus, but nothing quite like this one where it involves everyone,” said Michael Marinelli, a Columbus Alumnus as well as a staff member.  “Having a family picnic like this an amazing event to be a part of.”


So, how much work was put from the pig roasters?  Well, most of them start a couple days prior to the event in order to correctly season the pork.  It takes all day to season it just perfectly, which took away work or even some family/leisure times.  Then, the day of the event required the competitors to arrive early, set up the Caja China (pig roasting box/oven), and start cooking the pork.


“Here’s the thing people don’t understand,” said Jorge Blanco, a pork roasting participant.  “It’s not while you’re cooking, it’s the preparation.  It’s the hours of cleaning the pig, marinating it, and then the love you put into the pig.”


But the main focus and reason of the event was to celebrate the Marist Brothers who have helped not just the school, but many different countries for their 200 years of service.  Brother Kevin, the president of Columbus, along with other Marist Brothers were in attendance and were recognized for their dedication to education for so many years.

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