Organic Options

As our country may have a hard time dealing with higher prices for healthier foods, some

businesses still find ways to make these healthy alternatives more accessible for their


This accessibility could even be the reason for starting a business, and this was the case

for Shannon Walker Williams, the owner of Grown and wife of NBA great Ray Allen.

“My son has diabetes and one day he was just physically shutting down but had no other

options except a McDonald’s in the area to gain back his energy,” said Williams. This moment

was very alarming for Williams and her family, as they came to the realization that a healthier,

more affordable option was few and far between.

The Grown restaurant chain, a drive-thru organic restaurant in Miami, Florida, aims to

stop this issue one meal at a time.

In addition to finding organic options for healthy eating habits through dieting, customers

that shop from these places use different approaches to live their own healthy lifestyle

depending on their age or body types.

“I’ve been eating organic food since I moved to Miami, and eating healthy helps me find

my chi,” said Bela Pecsi, a man who is above the age of 70 years old that credits his healthy

lifestyle for being in the best shape of his life even at his age.

Building chi, or energy, can be seen another valid reason to go about eating healthy

foods. Rather than helping you lose weight, it helps you lose more fatigue, overcome illness,

and increase mental capacity.

However, whether we look at it technically or not, gaining these three things is the goal

of dieting for some individuals. People who go on diets are looking to not only lose weight, but

also become less sluggish and more willing to go out and be active.

Constantly having fresh food from local markets, even the smaller markets that branch

from the “big-name” chains, could be the best option for someone looking to make a change.

Although this is true, there is a difference between the healthy products businesses put out,

such as the contrast between “organic” and “local grown.”

“Something we like to stress to our customers is our products are locally grown,” said

Jonnie Kinnebrew, a co-owner for Norman Brothers Produce who strongly believes this

movement is here to stay.

Market owners like Kinnebrew know the importance of locally grown food mostly

because it gets from the farm nearby to your table much quicker than an organic option. Organic

foods may still have no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but they are still flown into

markets from farms in different states.

It does not matter which way to look at going the healthy route, and no matter how

expensive it may be, businesses are looking for different ways to make this movement prevalent

for everyone.


Contributed: Anthony Fernandez, Javier Rodriguez, Eric Marrero

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