Alabama star linebacker falls in draft due to off-the-field issues

On Thursday, April 27, 2017, CCNN Live reporter Mickey Suarez was invited to attend star linebacker and NFL draft prospect Reuben Foster’s draft watch party.

Reuben Foster grew up in Auburn, Alabama- a town that eats, sleeps, plays football, and does it all again the next day. He attended Auburn High. With his size and God given abilities, Foster caught the attention of many recruiters. The more great plays he made on the field, the more publicity he attracted. At first Reuben was interested in Auburn University, but as time went on Alabama is where he wanted to be. Foster signed to play football on a full athletic scholarship to the University of Alabama. Foster made his way up in the depth chart at Alabama, finally earning a starting spot his senior year. He lit unoffensive players and made a name for himself. Foster finished his last year at Alabama with 223 tackles. Although it was his time to shine at the combine, he did not participate because of substance abuse. This and a verbal confrontation with an on-site NFL nurse lead to Foster not being invited to the NFL draft. Even though he didn’t take part in the combine, he was still drafted 31st overall by the San Francisco 49ers. He is expected to shine at linebacker, despite requiring surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Foster will play linebacker for the 49ers and hopefully make many people in San Francisco very happy.

CCNN Live’s Kristopher Trapp contributed to this report.

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