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Over the weekend, Victor Prieto and Sebastian Valdes-Denis competed in the PTI Competition at the FSPA Convention in Orlando, Florida. They debated three topics– Lonzo and Lavar Ball, a recap of the 1st round of the NFL draft, and Columbus defensive back Joshua Jobe– in front of a live audience and judges. Sebastian and Victor came out on top winning first place, making it two years in a row that Victor and CCNN take home first place in PTI.


Sebastian: Pardon the Interruption, but I’m Sebastian Valdes-Denis

Victor: and I’m Victor Prieto. And on today’s show we recap yesterday’s coverage of the 1st round of the NFL draft.

Sebastian: That’s right Victor, and with Lavar Ball’s recent outbreak, some wonder if these antics could cost his son down the line.

Victor: Maybe Sebastian, but first we take a look at a story more dearer to our hearts. Junior Columbus Defensive back and 10th ranked corner, Joshua Jobe, is committed to the University of Miami and is leaving Columbus High School for his senior year because, under the current FHSAA rules, he will not be eligible to play his senior season since he’s above the age restriction of 19 years old. He’ll be attending Cheshire Academy, a prep school in Connecticut, in the fall so he can continue playing football. Sebastian, do you think the age restriction rule implemented by the FHSAA is a fair rule?

Sebastian: Yes, the FHSAA is right. You can’t be a 19 year old like Josh Jobe and go up against a 16-17 year old. Jobe is a man amongst boys, he can kill someone on the field. Heck, I am scared to bump into him in the hallway. He might hurt me.

Victor: But Sebi look at Jobe’s situation. He’s being forced to leave our high school which is just 15 minutes away from his dream school in UM

Sebastian: Well Victor, there’s always other options.

Victor: Not for him Sebastian. He shut down his recruitment and is 100% committed to UM. That’s where his friends, his family, and those who love him are and the FHSAA is making him leave across the country, away from all of them, so he can have that opportunity to get an education and continue playing football at the next level.

Sebastian: He can always stay and just sit out a year.

Victor: Oh, get real Sebi. In today’s day in age, sitting out a year will put him so behind the 8-ball that UM might not even want him anymore.

Sebastian: Victor are kidding me?!? Do you know who we’re talking about here?! He’s the 60th ranked best player in the nation with 34 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 5 total touchdowns. I think he’ll be fine sitting out a year.

Victor: Well regardless of how good he is, the FHSAA is still forcing him to leave and that’s not right. And speaking of the next level in football, let’s move on to yesterday’s first round of the NFL draft. Sebastian who do you think were the biggest winners and losers from yesterday?

Sebastian: Well there’s no surprise that the biggest loser is none other than the Chicago Bears. They moved up one pick and gave up the number 3 pick, the number 67 pick, the number 111 pick, and next year’s 3rd rounder. . . Just to pick a quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky.

Victor: Just to pick a quarterback!?!? That’s the most important position on the field. In order to be good in the NFL, you need a good quarterback at the helm. You know who’s leading the bears right now at QB?

Sebastian: Yeah, Mike Glennon.

Victor: Thank you. My point exactly.

Sebastian: Well, believe it or not the Cleveland Browns shocked us all yesterday and actually had the best first round of any team.

Victor: Are you kidding me? The Cleveland Browns? How do you trade back from the number 12 pick which is a prime quarterback spot when you’re in desperate need for one to draft guys like Jabrill Peppers who doesn’t have a primary assigned position and David Njoku who’s a tight end that can’t even block.

Sebastian: Well Victor, Myles Garrett’s the type of guy that will make an impact the moment he steps on the field. And for Jabrill Peppers I like to call him the plug and chug you can throw him in at any position and he will perform. And don’t even get me started on David Njoku, he had 698 yards and 8 TD’s who cares about his blocking skills when you can line him out at WR.

Victor: I still don’t know about that, but it definitely was the team’s best draft in recent history. And you know speaking of drafts, let’s move on to the NBA where ex-UCLA guard Lonzo Ball is preparing for the upcoming draft, but it seems his father, Lavar Ball, is more in the news than him. Sebastian, Do you think Lavar Ball’s outrageous comments are affecting Lonzo’s reputation and draft stock?

Sebastian: Lavar ball is a disgrace to basketball. His comments are ruining Lonzo’s reputation in the league, and he’s not even in the league yet. Even Lonzo’s role model, Lebron James, has commented twice on the ball family, and both times he was making fun of them.

Victor : Exactly Sebastian, he has the biggest star in sports talking about him. Everything he does is a media ploy to draw attention to his family. For crying out loud Sebastian, he said that he would beat Michael Jordan in a 1v1 and he averaged 2.2 points per game at Washington state. The guy is a clown.

Sebastian: Yes, he is a clown Victor. Executives and GM’s care about off-field actions. Just look at the NFL. Laremy Tunsil was projected to be the number 1 pick in the draft but after a video of him smoking out of a bong was leaked, he fell to the 13th pick in the draft.

Victor: But Sebastian we’re not talking about someone doing drugs. We’re talking about a player’s egotistical father, in which he has no control over. One general manager is even quoted saying quote “No one’s paying attention to Ball’s father.” Sebi, it doesn’t get clearer than that. That’s all we have time for today. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time.

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