Homework: Keep it or Toss it?

As high school students we’re all exhausted. We come from 8 hours of school and head home to do a daily 3 to 4 hours of homework minimum. How can we do the things we love, maybe get a job, or hold together any sort of social life when all of our time and focus is on doing hours and hours of homework?

Excelling in school isn’t the only thing that we focus on. There are many clubs and sports students could be apart of and aside from that they could be attempting to get a job to help a struggling family, pay off a car or just to have some extra cash. But how is it possible to excel at such things when all we doing is homework? Some schools have flipped classrooms where they do the homework in class and learn concepts through short videos at home. Homework really isn’t necessary.

In Finland, young kids don’t get homework, yet the country has a 93 percent high school graduation rate, which is staggering compared to the U.S at only 75 percent. But that’s not all, their test scores dominate everyone else’s across the globe. So the question is, why do students there do so well, even without homework?

The answer–they have more time to be kids. Finnish students only get an average of 27 minutes of homework per day. Also students get an opportunity to work in groups and ask the teacher questions about classroom material, similar to the flipped classroom previously mentioned.

Listen, getting rid of homework entirely is not the central message here, it can help. According to a study by Duke University, it can actually improve grades and even standardized test scores. Then again, the same study showed that students suffered from physical fatigue and emotional issues when plagued with too much homework on a daily basis. This shows that homework really does cause stress but not only on the mind on the body as well.

Homework isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it could really be preventing some kids from becoming the students, and people they could potentially be in the future. The focus on the work we do and the things we learn should be in school. And we could possibly see spikes in graduation rates and test scores alike. Could we see a time where students aren’t swamped with homework only time will tell but it seems like a good idea to give homework the slip.

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