The Foreign Policy Crisis

Over the years, the United States of America has seen a dramatically dangerous shift in the state of its foreign policy. Countries that were once considered to be stable have become overrun by corruption and tyranny. These dictatorships are threatening American values and the American way of life. For instance global atrocities in Syria have sparked outrage and fear across the world. However one man did not fear, instead he showed bravery. That man is newly elected President Donald Trump.

After inheriting a global foreign policy crisis where America was seen as a powerless nation, President Trump has reiterated the ability of the United States to persist in cases that violate human rights. We learned about the President’s surprising case for globalism this week when he launched fifty-nine tomahawk missile that destroyed some Syrian Government air fields. The President was prompted to make this move after Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian Government had gassed its own citizens.

This rhetoric, however, was different from what President Trump normally claims to stand for. President Trump stated multiple times during the campaign his disapproval of being, “the police of the world.” President Trump has even received backlash from some of his most vocal supporters like Ann Coulter.

Although some of his supporters are not in accordance with him launching missiles at Syrian Air Bases, most Americans are praising him for his action. A new poll suggested that nearly sixty percent of Americans supported the President’s move. This in stark contrast to what the Obama Administration faced in 2013 after it drew a red line on Bashar Al-Assad. Ignoring the line, Assad gassed and killed nearly 14,700 civilians. The Obama Administration did nothing to respond to the incident and left the United States appearing powerless and fearful.

This new administration is clearly not afraid to stand up for the rights of all people as UN Ambassador Nikki Haley took the floor of the UN and gave a heart wrenching speech as she openly critiqued the Russian Government for standing by Assad. Haley was openly praised by both parties and even claimed to have received a text from another foreign ambassador who thanked her and the President for standing up for humanitarian rights.

However, Russian Government Officials and Iranian Government Officials who once praised President Trump and viewed him as friend, now view him as an enemy. As Iran’s president called on the Syrian Government to “make Americans regret attack.”

The Russian Kremlin Spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, let out this statement over the bombing, “President Putin believes that the U.S. strikes on Syria represent an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law under a far-fetched pretext.” Russia even decided to suspend a hotline between US and Russian military officials to ensure that their aircraft would not collide.

Only time will tell what happens in the future as the President has proven to be unpredictable. We could possibly witness the true power of President Trump’s negotiating skills if he is able to have Assad removed while retaining peace with Russia, or the United States could witness the beginning of a global conflict.

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