Battling the Scale

Weight is a problem that people struggle with daily, it is a challenge enough not only finding the motivation to lose the weight, but finding the time as well. Despite the fact that this is an epidemic in the United States, one man decided to take the challenge head on.

High school broadcast teacher Omar Delgado has been struggling with his weight since 2005, and the birth of his son did not make things any easier. As any one who is struggling with weight can tell you, the process isn’t easy, and we all reach a breaking point, Omar shared the story of his trip to a national broadcast competition back in 2015, and couldn’t fit in his airline seat, which pushed him to want to lose this weight, but like any goal- it came with challenges.

From March of 2015 to May of 2016, Omar had lost 50 pounds, with his partner in crime by his side at all times, his wife, Natacha Delgado. After a grueling 13 months of hard work to reach his goals, Omar tore his meniscus and was told that it couldn’t be repaired, this led to him gaining all his weight back and starting from where he started.

Delgado has found a new motivation in his son to want to be able to a good father for his son and keep up with him due to his high energy. The toughest part for Natacha has been how Omar perceives himself on a day to day basis, fearing that he will truly believe that due to his image, Natacha will love him less for how he looks, which she assures is far from the truth. Natacha said, “For me, the hardest part of Omar losing weight has been his perception of what I might think, and that for me is disheartening because I don’t ever want him to think I want him less and don’t find him as attractive, Omar to me is my rock, he is my everything, he is my world, and whether he gains the weight or loses it, to me, he is the same person.”

Omar now wakes up at 5:30 every morning to go to orange theory to lose all that he has gained once again; since the filming of this video, Omar has lost 15 pounds and wants to lose 30 pounds before he is off again to his next national broadcast competition in March, to once again feel comfortable in his own seat, and not experience what he has in the past.

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