The Last Judson Left: A 4-star athlete’s attempt to represent his family

Bruce Judson Jr. was born in Orlando, FL to Tammy and Bruce Sr. Before Bruce was even born, the Judson family name and football went hand and hand. Bruce’s father, uncles, and cousins had been around the game all their lives. Bruce was simply the latest addition to the family business.

“I’m kind of the last hope for my family to make it out, I’m the last Judson in my family to do something,” said Bruce. Coached by his father and uncle all his life, he already has what it takes to be a Judson. All that’s left now is to put in the work on the field and in the classroom.

Going into his freshman year of high school, Bruce was set to enroll in his hometown school, Jones. But there was something 45 minutes south that called his name. Bruce’s father was born and raised in the small town of Cocoa, Florida. And Bruce knew that was the best fit for him. “The offense of the school I was going to go to, Jones, didn’t really fit me,” said Bruce.

“He pretty much wanted to come here to play for Cocoa,” said Bruce Sr. “He kept insisting that he would like to come to play his high school football here.” That move from Orlando to Cocoa proved to be one of the best decisions the family had ever made.

“It’s just like the sky opened up and everything fell out,” said Tammy Judson, Bruce’s mother. “The recruiters, and being interviewed, and the awards that he’s made and the places that he’s been able to visit… it’s just been great.”

Bruce’s football career picked up his sophomore year as a Cocoa Tiger when Clemson pulled the trigger and delivered him his first collegiate scholarship offer. Since then, he has racked up over 35 offers from Division-I schools like Ohio State, Alabama, and his hometown team– the Florida Gators. His senior year, Bruce committed to play football at the University of South Florida, but Coach Willie Taggart’s move from Tampa to Eugene, Oregon made Bruce a duck.

On February 1, 2017, Bruce Judson Jr. signed to play football at the University of Oregon, making a lifetime of hard work all worth it. Bruce has represented his family well and will continue to rep the Judson name in Eugene… but the rest of the family might need a couple of plane tickets.

Contribution from Victor Prieto

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