Valentines Day: What’s the True Meaning?

When you think about Valentine’s Day words that may come to mind are love, flowers, chocolates and dinner dates. Making sure your girlfriend is happy with the last minute giant teddy bear, gift cards, and box of chocolates you scrambled to buy. But what if I told you this holiday was created to make you think buying all this stuff was your obligation? That all this hustle and bustle, stress, and disappointment shouldn’t fall all on your shoulders.

The original idea of Valentine’s Day is still in our society today. Spending time with someone you love and sharing time, and company with one another. But Valentine’s Day was never meant to be a holiday where you have to buy gifts for a significant other. It has been turned into a day where businesses have used the day to solely make a profit, what we call the Hallmark holiday. You are told by billboards, tv and radio ads, and pretty much everyone around you that you must get a gift for the special person in your life but in reality you really don’t have to.

The term comes from the company Hallmark, which makes cards and gifts for these so called holidays. and make a good amount of profit as well. Holidays like these have been coined primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a traditionally or historically significant event. Other examples of include Grandparents Day, Boss’s Day, and secretary’s day. If you still don’t get it think about it like this:

While many ladies would love to get flowers any day of the year, 198 million red roses are picked for Valentine’s Day alone. And it seems like the ladies are the ones giving hallmark the most bang for their buck, buying 85% of all valentines cards sold. While men stay at 73%. Looking at both men and women, surveys say that on average they spend $116 on valentines gifts. And if you don’t think Hallmark Holidays affect us negatively yet, 53% percent of women who would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentine’s day.

The obligation to buy gifts was created by businesses to make money and they use commercials and posters to get this idea in your head that you need to buy things for the people supposedly celebrating the holiday. So if you really think about you don’t have to get her anything special, just a hug, a kiss, and a good time.

Produced and written By: Justin Jackson
Filmed by: Antonio Castellanos
Edited by: Gonzalo Londono
Graphics by: Arthur Falconi

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