A pinch to save a life

Donating blood is not something you’re forced to do, it’s a choice.  At Columbus, over 150 kids donated blood this past month to the One Blood Organization to help save lives across the country, one pint at a time.

Being in a Marist school, we are taught to serve the community, but what about helping save lives?  Columbus teams up with the One Blood Company to hold a blood drive twice a school year, giving everyone a chance to donate.  This allows students to donate (their choice) and not have to go to a clinic, but instead right at school.  But the real question is, why should we donate?

With every pint donated, One Blood rewards the students with pizza/sandwich and a blanket to keep them warm throughout the day. Aside from the physical rewards, the mental reward is much greater knowing you’re helping someone with your blood.

“Every two minutes there’s a blood transfusion, every three seconds somebody out there needing blood,” said Dion Leon, a One Blood Representative. “The demand for blood is huge.”

Mrs. Cofresi, the religion teacher at Columbus is in charge of the drive.  She’s been in charge of this for over 6 years, and seems like that number will continue to grow. She shared with us her story regarding her mother nearly dying on a hospital bed, needing a blood transfusion the same day as one of the blood drives was being held at Columbus

“It hit me more personally that day that someone who had donated blood in New York City saved the life of my own mother,” said Cofresi regarding her mother’s incident.

Donating blood isn’t just a tickle, some kids become greatly affected by it.  Some kids will faint, feel light-headed, cold and weak, and the list continues.

“I was a little light-headed when I first finished….it makes you feel good knowing that on the other side, someone who really needs my help is being helped,” said senior student Roy Cora.

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