Marist Youth Group brightens Columbus

Most people at Columbus don’t know, but there’s actually a way for people to get closer in their faith the same way they do in all the retreats that Columbus has.

Every Tuesday night Marist Youth Group meets in the chapel at Christopher Columbus High School. For the students who make the decision to go, it’s said they always know  a little more about life than they did walking through those doors. “Youth Group helps me grow spiritually, helps me know I’m making an impact on people, not just inside of Columbus, but in the retreats and various other events,” said John Paul Cacioppo, Marist Youth Group Leader.  John is just one student who has attended Marist Youth Group and chose to continue his journey in the faith.

During these meetings, John and many other students hear testimonies and other spirit based talks that help them show what it means to continue St. Marcellin’s mission. As Br. Tom Long says, “Marist youth is important because it goes to the heart of our mission as a school. We exist as a Marist school, to make Jesus Christ know and loved. That was the mission of  St. Marcellin, all Marist schools. I think thats a biggest part of Marist youth, in the interactions with the testimonies and the interactions of the all the other goers of youth group.”

So Marist Youth group isn’t just some meeting in the middle of the week, but a time to meet with friends and build bonds throughout Columbus and possibly beyond. A place where you get to interact and talk with friends through personal testimonies, games, and even when you’re not even talking– through meditation. All this happens within an hour and a half and for anyone that goes, they enjoy every second of it. “We gather as a group. A good time were you kinda hang out and disconnect from the week and school. Its a place where you can talk to friends and create bonds and friendships that may last a lifetime.” George Castañeda, Marist Youth Group leader.

Marist Youth Group is open to any and everyone who decides to make that leap of faith. It’s an hour and a half starting at seven every Tuesday night.

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