St. Richards’ Festival is back once again

In the heart of Palmetto Bay, Miami, FL, Holy Rosary St. Richard’s held its annual food and arts festival to help raise funds for its church and school. Every year, people from all over town come to enjoy the food, activities, and music. Along with delicious meals and drinks for the adults, children enjoy bounce houses, cotton candy, and snow cones.

“It started three years ago with former pastor, his name is Father Sonny.” said current pastor, Father Sullivan. “To bring the community together, Father Sonny thought that a festival would be the ideal event that would do so.” he continued. Many people from the event agree that it truly brings the community together in a spectacular way. Coming together to keep the church up and running, the people of the Holy Rosary St. Richard’s succeeded once again this year. The entire area around the church becomes conjested with traffic because of the amount of people that showed up.

Vendors from all over come to advertise their products and sell to the people who come to visit for the day. “It allows kids to have a fun venue and enjoy this great south Florida weather.” said festival attendee, Emmanuel Matos. Children perform dances and songs on stage as a way of gaining exposure for young talents. “It’s definitely very kid friendly. There are a lot of fun things to do for the kids.” said attendee, Liana Lytle.

The festival had an abundance of volunteers. From students getting service hours to adults and senior helping out in the community, there was no job left undone. Volunteers directed parking and ran the non-commercial booths around the festival. Without their help, the festival would not be able to function properly or raise the funds it hoped to recieve to help the community strive.

Many volunteers stayed late cleaning up the aftermath of large crowds with large appetites, chairs and tables, tents, and bounce houses. At this time, the church was celebrating its final Mass of the day. The church was filled with more people than usual because of the abundance of festival-goers who didn’t have to go far. Overall, the festival was successful in its goal to bring people together.

With contributions by: Steven Lee, Joseph de la Viesca

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