Columbus’ new schedule brings changes

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Columbus will initiate its 7th period-block schedule.  Changes will occur and many students will have to adjust to the new starting bell as well as dismissal.

For the 2017-2018, Columbus will have a different look…regarding class schedule.  Columbus will be starting the new way of class scheduling adding a 7th period to the daily routine for students.  The block schedule will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, while the other days will have all seven classes in the day.

The schedule will be different starting with the late bell being at 7:45 AM instead of the “comfortable” 8:00 AM.  Some students will greatly be affected having to change their sleeping schedule as well as their transportation to school.  Class will end at 2:35 PM every day except on Wednesdays when early dismissal will be at 1:20 PM.  This is an advantage for all students as it allows them to have an extra elective towards their GPA as well as credits.  As freshmen, you will be allowed to choose an elective, something the current enrolled students didn’t have an opportunity with.  This will let students possibly take classes that may be related to their respected clubs like Drama (Drama Club) and Journalism (CCNNLive).

For the teachers, they seem excited for this change to school.  They also agree with adding the extra class due to the fact for colleges

“It’s very competitive out there when it comes to colleges,” said Mrs. Anneris Cedeño.

She also mentioned how colleges actually like it, and how it helps students achieve extra classes and make the competition easier for their college process.

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