One club gives Columbus a “new look”?

Of the many clubs here at Columbus, there’s one that stands out to a national level.  The Patriot Club is a recent new club introduced to Columbus last year by Dr. Carter Burrus and seniors Austin Wagner and Andres Madrid.

“This club [we] made was for those who were interested in military life and are willing to help those to protect our rights,” said Andre Madrid.  He later spoke about the great reputation the club has formed around campus, when he only expected to be a small club.

At school, the Patriot Plaza is open to all students which allows students to see a list of all military veterans that have served our country, having been Columbus Alumni.

Other than just having the club, members join to help support our nation’s troops with several different fundraisers.  One of the biggest ones they host is the selling of the patriotic flagged school ties.  These ties contain the American flag as well as the Columbus “C” logo and are allowed by the school’s administration.

Earlier this month, the Patriot Club hosted a re-opening of the newly refurbished Patriot Plaza. Several different military officials from all academies were in attendance for the event. Many students were able to interact with the visiting veterans giving the students the opportunity to have somewhat of a contact with whom they’re helping.

The club has also invited many veterans to come and speak about their experiences from battle to its members giving them an experience not many are given.

For further details regarding the Patriot Club, contact Dr. Carter Burrus through his email ([email protected]) or in his office located next to the nurse, or other members that are already involved in the club.

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