Community honors Br Kevin Handibode

Br. Kevin Handibode has worn many hats in his time at Columbus, and is finally receiving recognition for 40 rs of service at Christopher Columbus High School. During those four decades Handibode has been the driving force behind many of the advancements the school has made over the years.

Community Newspapers organized an event celebrating Br. Kevin’s accomplishments and was also the official naming of December 12th, Brother Kevin Day”. Notable Columbus alumni were in attendance including J.B. Aleman, Carlos Gimenez, and Miguel Maspons. These business and community leaders all recalled the great influence  that Brother Kevin had in their own lives, and how he continues to shape young lives and the future of Columbus.

“Br. Kevin is an icon, not only in Columbus but in our community.” said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Mayor Gimenez explained that Br. Kevin’s leadership has had a positive impact on the surrounding area by producing Columbus graduates that are highly educated and ready to lead South Florida in both business and government.

“People are finally taking notice of what he’s done after so many years”, said Miguel Maspons, Columbus class of 1981. Maspons isn’t the only graduate to feel this way, with several representatives from different cities and counties coming to the event to present their own proclamations, making Br. Kevin Day official across all of South Florida.

One of the highest honors came from Congresswoman Illeana Ros-Lethinen.  She stated that one of the biggest privileges she has as a member of Congress is the ability to speak on the House Floor about incredible individuals in our community. Ros-Lehtinen recalled her words, “I did not enough time to state all the great things I have heard and know about you…most especially about the way you help mold the leaders of tomorrow with character and with faith”

Brother Kevin said he was humbled by such significant recognition from local and national leaders. He stated, “I just love my work at Columbus, I love the kids, I love the faculty. I love everything about Columbus. It’s my life”.

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