Holiday Season prompts safety concerns

The holidays are a happy time of year when families gather to celebrate each other, religious traditions, and have an amazing time. But something people tend to forget in the midst of all this holiday cheer, is safety. During these festive times two important things to watch out for are: robberies at shopping malls and the dangers of Christmas tree fires. It’s very possible that a family’s holiday could be ruined by these little tragedies that cause so much headache, pain, and stress. But are easily avoidable.

When out shopping for holiday gifts at large shopping malls, people should be careful to lock their cars and if they they come back to drop off purchased items, make sure to cover them up, effectively deterring potential thieves. Parking lots are main targets because of how big and open they are. It’s hard to stop something you can’t see. Nowadays there are even devices that can unlock your car door with just a remote and a receiver. In the last holiday season, over 9,500 cars were reported stolen from Thanksgiving to new year’s eve.

In addition, specifically during black friday, it seems like people forget how to behave. We have all seen the crazy videos of the belligerent people at the Walmarts and the Targets out there. It’s like people lose their minds over deals. Since 2010 there have been 14 deaths and 106 injuries related to black friday. There is no need for this kind of violence in a time of fun and happiness.

With Christmas trees being another huge part of the holiday season, fire safety can be a huge issue. When picking out a Christmas tree consider how much space you have and how close candles and other flammable objects are to the tree. When it comes to artificial and real. Back in 2009, Milton Hershey School, in Hershey, Pennsylvania had an incident with an artificial tree that caused a great deal of thick black smoke to fill up an entire hall. While no one was hurt, it took two whole hours to clear the room.

What is the point of all this information, safety. In this time of togetherness and love it’s important to make sure everyone is safe. Let’s be honest, a little extra caution near hurt anyone so please, let’s not forget to take extra precaution, keep track of your belongings and loved ones, and spread the holiday cheer.

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