Gas cars give electric ones competition

We have all heard of the argument of electric vs gas when it come to cars. It’s a no-brainer, in terms of environmental friendliness that electric cars are the way to go.

The mere fact that they don’t emit gases into the ozone gives them an environmental advantage. But how many people actually have access to this technology?

While there are affordable choices, many of the higher and electric cars come from dealerships known for selling expensive cars like, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

The one of the main reasons people stray from electric cars is the price. Let’s be honest, 30,000 dollars for an “affordable” Volkswagen E-Golf it’s really in the price range of most people. The starting price of that car is around the price of most luxury cars.

Some of the main selling points for luxury vehicles are driving smoothly and quietly–Characteristics that are present in both electric and gas fueled cars.

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal “most potential customers have little knowledge of plug-in electric vehicles and almost no experience with them.”

This makes it hard for people to make an informed decision, to become interested in these cars, and to introduce themselves they are unfamiliar with.

In a study done by the institute of transportation studies at the University of California, Davis, 71% of drivers said they would purchase an electric car Mini Cooper after test driving it.

What’s really happening here is a mater of convince. Gas cars may not be as environmentally friendly, have a lower maintenance cost, and might be a bit noisy but they are affordable, familiar and just over all preferred.

In another study done at the Technical University of Denmark; 31% of the study said they would buy an electric car but that change dot a shocking 17% after the test.

However it was noted that the interest in the electric cars went up after the experiment was done. The test subjects were not too impressed with the cars performance but were intrigued to learn more about the cars.

With the increasing worry for the environment’s health we may see an increase in the purchase of electric cars. But until people become more educated or the prices go down, attitudes likely won’t change anytime soon, and that could seriously.

So for now gas is our fuel of choice rather than electricity, but maybe our generation will be able to “plug-in” to electric cars.

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