Citi bikes bring new pros and cons to streets of Miami

With many ways to get around in Miami, Citi bike has caught the eye of both residents and tourists. In an effort to make traveling cheaper and easier, Citi has partnered with the city of Miami to install bike stations in a number of spots around town. Riders can pick up the bike at one station, and leave it at another, making it more convenient for those who do not own a car. Citi bikes are also the less expensive alternative to a bus. Riders can either register online for $15 and receive a card to ride all day, or pay at the station. To rent out a bike all day is $24. “It’s very useful… I use it every morning and every evening to go and to come back from work,” said Miami resident Elodi Hass.

The program is an ambitious one with several flaws at hand. Many times, the system simply does not work. Whether its not reading your card or not accepting your money, you find yourself having to go to the next station to get a bike. Others also think the prices are too high. “I find it quite expensive, I’m from Paris and its cheaper there,” explained Hass. Others have no problem with the system, however, and praise it for being an excellent way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Miami.

“I think it’s a great project for a lot of people that come from other states that want to come down and just ride the bike and enjoy the weather of Miami, Florida,” said resident Ellis Robinson. The legitimacy and usefulness of the Citi Bike system is up to each rider to determine. The city of Miami will continue to make strides in the transportation field and Citi bikes are definitely a step in the right direction.

With contribution from Alejandro Basalo

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