Columbus band concert highlights holiday season

One of Columbus prestiges classes took stage in the Columbus Cafeteria as they performed their annual Christmas show, which consisted several different band/music classes held by the band teacher, Mr. Cooper.


The Columbus Band hosted their annual Christmas show this past Monday, consisting of students taking the class.  The band played a variety of music with all kinds of beats for any audience member.  The music ranged from classical rock, Christmas music, even some classic salsa was thrown in there.  


The show had a great turnout, many family members as well as friends were in attendance cheering their musician while they played.  One of the unique things about the Christmas show is many of the new class members perform in their first concert for the first time.  


As the band played, teacher Mr. Cooper would announce to the audience what person is playing what instrument and even tell them who is performing the solo.  The beautiful thing about this performance was how kids changed around their instruments midway through the performance.  This showed everyone in attendance that all students are able to learn at least one instrument, this is usually to show the parents of their improvement in the class.  


“This is possibly one of my favorite concerts throughout the year,” said Mr. Cooper.  “We all performed well today, luckily there weren’t any mistakes.  But the most important part was that we all had fun in doing this tonight.”


“I had an amazing time tonight,” said Raphael Crespo, Junior band member.  “Being able to play and sing with my friends was something a lot of people can’t really do.  I love music, and so do they.”
The next band concert is yet to be determined, so stay tuned to Columbus announcements for any information.

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