Kites soar over Haulover Park

Many different places and cultures have their own ways of utilizing kites in types of celebration like a festival. However, kites have never really been as important to Americans as they were to other cultures. Twenty-four years ago, Skyward Kites President, Dan Ward, wanted to change that, and felt that “we needed kite festivals in Miami.” So, he put his vision into action and started hosting Kitetoberfest at Haulover Park.

Over the years, Kitetoberfest has sprung into a family event that a attracts people from all ages. Children, adults, and elderly all come out to this festival to pursue their passion for flying kites or simply to have a good time with the family. Families set up blankets on the ground under the cool shade while they eat warm food from the great food trucks provided. At the same time, they can sit back, relax, and fly a kite together.

Although many people come to this festival just to have a good time with family and leisurely fly their kites, many come to pursue their passions for flying kites. People like kite enthusiast, Edward Martin, have been flying kites all their lives, and see kite-flying differently than the average kite flier. To Martin, flying kites has a deeper meaning than just watching a toy float in the wind. “On one day I was particularly depressed,” says Martin, “and then I looked up and saw a kite in the air. I turned around and…he let me fly his kite and I immediately felt happy again.”

People of all different backgrounds and stories come together at Kitetoberfest to celebrate and have a good time. An event for the whole family, people of all ages are able to enjoy flying kites with each other. Moreover, kite enthusiasts come to pursue their love for flying kites with their own purposes. Whether you’re an avid kite-flyer who enjoys watching his beautiful kites float in the wind, or just someone who’s looking to have a fun time with his family, Kitetoberfest is an event for everyone to enjoy.

With contributions by: Joseph de la Viesca, Steven Lee

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