The Book Fair brings life and interest back to books

The Miami book fair is an event that allows authors to present their books of all genres to the public. It’s a massive even containing over 50 stands and thousands of books anyone can lay their eyes upon. The book fair has more of a deeper meaning than just presenting books to people. It allows authors to express their true beliefs in the form of literature. People from all over the country come to the Miami book fair to show the public that they are strong in their beliefs and they will express it using the power of the pen. The release of the office very from political to religious to even sports teams but no matter what it flexes the true power the pen can hold.

Proud Muslim Tariq Maliq showed his belief using the strength of the pen.  He showed that Muslims are not radicals but a group of honest, loving, caring and strong people. He showed that no matter what nothing can hold him back from expressing his believes in Allah. He proves that he contradicts the Muslim stereotype that Americans have developed over time. He showed courage it takes to truly express what you believe in this country.  Malik did not fear being called out on his belief in Allah. He writes magazines about the Muslim religion  would’ve truly stands for. He had no fear in explaining what his goal was in writing these magazines. His goal is not only to spread  the Muslim religion but to end the stereotype that Americans have morphed in their minds after 9/11.

Malik has touch the hearts of many who have passed by his stand the man book fair. He has taught many to be strong in what they believe in and no matter what accept everyone for their differences. No two people are the same and everyone has a different belief. Same thing goes for the goodness in peoples hearts. Some people are bad and some are good hearted. Malik explained how the Islamic radicals are not true Muslims and are only wreaking havoc because of their own self interest. The true Muslims are a strong and proud group of people who only want peace for the world. He proves that no matter what the Muslim community will pursue through the hardships they face now. Malik taught us to be strong throughout life and no matter what adversity you face to keep moving forward.

With contributions by Gabriel Galleno, and Steven Hernadez

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