Columbus Squires Come Together and Help People in Need

Whether it involves turkeys or sodas, Halloween costumes or P.B. and J. sandwiches, the Squires Club makes sure they help serve whoever is in need and do it in the traditional Marist way.

Helping those in need is a act that one chooses to do.  Many of those who do serve love doing it and have decided to join the Columbus Squires Club.  Led by Brother Eladio Gonzalez (Club Moderator), these young men dedicate their extra time to help serve others who are less fortunate. All of these young men follow one motto: “esto dingus”, be worthy.

The Squire’s Club do an approximate 20+ services on a yearly basis, and many of the members have been in the club since freshmen year.  Having been in this club, many friendships have been created as the club isa very friendly environment.  “The greatest impact [being in the club] is I think working together as friends,” says Br. Eladio.

The first of many events is the Beach Bash food selling held at Columbus.  This event includes over 1,000 teens, and Squires choose to sell water and sodas for these kids.  The money raised goes towards buying turkeys for a later Columbus event/service.

Then comes the feeding the poor, where all club members bring either bread, peanut butter, or jelly to create peanut butter jelly sandwiches.  Squires make an approximate 600 sandwiches for those in Camillus House near Downtown Miami.

As for Halloween, Squires leads a school-wide fundraiser where students are allowed to dress down for $2 in their costumes.  These donations usually go to those people who were affected by natural causes, which this year is helping those in Haiti which were hit by Hurricane Matthew earlier this school year.

Once the New Year begins, these young men go and visit the Coral Gables Rehabilitation Center.  There, club members talk and interact with the elderly, which brings them a big smile to their faces.  Singing and dancing often bring back the young days to the elders as they tag along with club members.

The main goal/desire that the Squire’s have is to help those that are, “struggling and can’t get on their feet and they need help, and we’re here to help them out,” says Franco Luis, Squires Marshal.

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