5K Run Uses a Unique Way to Raise Money for Charity

Many charity runs, such as the Benjamin Dash, all have a unique characteristic that is carried in order for the run to seem rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.

“We have reward flags all over our course. Every flag is worth a dollar to 100 dollars. The thing is, you don’t know the value of the flags until the end of the race.” said Benjamin Dash Co-Founder Giancarlo Aguilar.

The Benjamin Dash is one of the many charity runs that has become popular because of its very original concept of flags. Flags are set throughout the course with an unknown price point, and at the end of the race, the runner is able to turn in the flags and receives a certain amount of money. This concept is what makes the Benjamin Dash stand out and attracts many runners looking for a fun obstacle course-5k run-scavenger hunt hybrid to run on. The race also provides an enjoyable way for runners to donate to their favorite charities.

“It’s exciting, it’s challenging, but it’s also rewarding and that’s part of the reason why I think people enjoy this.” Said Giancarlo Aguilar.

While also donating to charities motivates the runners, the amazing feeling that runners get after completing an extremely rigorous obstacle course is rewarding and gives quite a rush. There is a psychological reason to why runners get this feeling, but a mixture between both helping people in need, and helping one’s self is what Co-Founder of Benjamin Dash Giancarlo Aguilar believes is the sole reason why the run has become so popular in the recent years. “I enjoyed all the flags, and also going through waist height saltwater because the tide came in” Said Alex Ruiz who believed that the struggle of going through difficult conditions was rewarding and fun. The race gives the runners the rush of strain to the body, but in the end of the race, a sense of rewarding and ease.

“We’re going to donate some of the money to the Susan B. Anthony Cancer Foundation. We’ll keep the rest. Just kidding we’ll probably end up donating the rest.” Said runner Alex Ruiz.

This comes to show that the dedication to giving at the Benjamin Dash is just a simple standard. In fact, most runners at the Benjamin Dash end up giving all of their earnings to some sort of foundation whether it’s a US Army veteran reachout program or a largely known cancer foundation. The rewarding part of the race, to many, is the fact that they’re giving a fair amount of money to a good cause and that’s what makes the Benjamin Run extremely well-known the city of Miami.

At the end of the day, the Benjamin Dash serves a great cause and also allows runners to get a little bit of everything, from water, to mud, to saltwater, and back to mud. At the end of facing the elements, the runners donate and get a mental reward for themselves.

With Contributions By Victor Arechavaleta and Alex Ramos

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