No Shave November takes Columbus by storm

The strictness on Columbus’s students attire includes, buttoned shirt, tied belt, and of course no facial hair is allowed. One of these restrictions is now allowed on campus. For the first time ever Columbus is adopting the national phenomenon that is “No Shave November.”

Columbus teacher, Paul Kumer, is one of the faculty members who was involved in the “No Shave” movement across campus. “I wanted to be part of a campaign that affects us as a school.” said Kumer. The awareness for men’s testicular cancer is very important especially at an all boys school such as Columbus. Any student or his father, uncle, or grandfather can be affected and at Columbus students and faculty are taking charge.

For just a small donation of five dollars students are allowed to participate in this fundraising event. Senior, Javier Busto, said “Some people are paying the five dollars and still shaving. They just want to contribute to a good cause.” Students are definitely being made aware of the true reason behind the event. “It initiates a conversation,” said Kumer.

Columbus always finds a way to make a fun event for students have serious implications that teach the real life lessons. “Teachers tell us how lucky we are to be able to grow beards,” says Sophomore Julian Conesa. “This campaign directly affects us as an all boys school,” said Kumer. This new event for the students has definitely shined light on a topic that has life or death implications.

The majority of students at Columbus have seen their daily lives change during this month, not only with the new addition of the beards, but with the student body more aware of male testicular cancer. The students have a greater respect for being able to walk the halls with their unshaven faces.

With contributions by Kenny Debs and Arthur Flaconi

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