Die hard rivalry unites die hard fans

The Columbus Family is one huge family of people that have come together to support Columbus over the years, and Columbus family members come from many different places to support one school.

People from the Columbus family have come to support the football team in the season marking match between Coral Gables High School, but members of the Columbus family don’t just come from Christopher Columbus High School itself.

“I graduated from St. Brendan and I only have one brother that goes to Columbus, but they’ve taken me in, and I feel more like an Explorer than a Sabre,” said Alex Crespo, an attendee of the Columbus Vs. Coral Gables game.

This comes to show how people from many different places can somehow become a part of the Columbus family, no matter what school or what city, as long as there is passion being shown for the school.

“I still have a little brother here who’s playing football, and I’m gonna take my kids here,” said Alex Crespo.

This shows the great passion that people, not just from Columbus, have for the school. Columbus fans have always been highly accepting of people who haven’t graduated from Columbus because the family will live on through generations, and with more people coming, comes a bigger brotherhood. There’s always going to be a connection from family, friends, and even random classmates between Columbus, and even sometimes any random person can be taken into the family.

As well as the widely accepting family, Columbus definitely knows how to put on a show at every game they go to. According to many fans and players, Columbus fans always manage to fill up the student section, and make the bleachers loud. Students and parents both have something in common, and that’s making the stands loud and showing their support for the team.

As well as showing off a great atmosphere, Columbus fans show their support in many different ways, whether it’s bringing water or providing photography.

“We’re here every game, we’re providing snacks, providing photography, and just cheering on our boys,” said Gigi De Villiers who is a mom who supports the Columbus football team in her own way.

This shows that the Columbus fans take an extra step to support the players not just watch the game and hope for a win. Columbus mom’s, fans, and many other people join together to achieve one goal, and that’s to support the Columbus Family as a whole.

With Contributions By Victor Arechavaleta and Jose Luis Fernandez

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