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With the Thanks giving holiday just around the corner the students at Christopher Columbus High school take up the task of feeding as many families as possible with the annual turkey drive, and other food drives.
Students at Christopher Columbus went above and beyond this year teaming up with St. Brendan Catholic Church, St. James Catholic Church and St. John the Baptist Mission and summer set oaks academy.
Aside from that the students reached out into the community and with the help of Miami dade police delivered 500 turkeys by reaching out to families in the community.

Explorers helping their community in a very special way last week for Thanksgiving! #CPride #Adelante #GiveThanks 🦃

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With the combined efforts of the entire student body and several clubs over 500 turkey where brought in along with a variety of canned foods.

“Here in our community we have so many families that are in need and basically what this turkey drive does is it allows us to come together and help out these families.” said volunteer member George Castanera.
Castanera and his fellow explores worked hard in the planning and packing of boxes that were handed out, but the best part, the entire time the students at CCHS were helping the community they did it with a smile knowing they were making a difference.
Principal of Summer set oaks academy,Idalia Suarez, has been working with families that cant afford the meal for over 5 years now. She explained that almost 70% of the students attending her school are on free or reduced such and sometime the only meal they receive is the one from school.
“Its something that several people take for granted, something you don’t really think about, but you have to remember that there are families out there that don’t know where the next meal will come from and the fact that Columbus is doing so much is heart warming” spoke Suarez.
The turkey drive has been growing every year its been done and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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