Columbus Connects keeps alumni coming back

What is Columbus Connects? Some say it’s a place to have fun and meet some old friends and others just use it as an reason to be near other Explorer alumni. Columbus Connects is an event that occurs multiple times a year and allows alumni to revisit the school and crack jokes about their own fun times and memories spent a Christopher Columbus High School. Alumni from all years come running back to Columbus to experience this event. Every event the school chooses speakers that attend the event to share stories and answer questions about their times as part of the Columbus family. This time the speakers were the Mount Rushmore legends of Columbus: Steven O’Brien, John Lynskey, Fred Foyo, and Carter Burrus.
Several Explorers from various graduation years show up at the event– all the way from 1962 to 2015.
Many of the legends spoke about the core of Columbus and what that actually is. Basically stating that the core of Columbus is like a family. Teachers and faculty as the parents and students acting as the kids eager for knowledge and wanting to learn. All ending with the alumni who eventually try to restart the circle and want their kids to experience and have the same memories just how they experienced years before. That’s one of the main reasons alumni are always coming back for more.
Columbus Connects is always a way for alumni to spend their evenings eating so good food, talking to friends old and new and just cracking jokes about crazy stories and experiences all made on the Columbus High School grounds.

Arthur Falconi with contributions by Gabriel Galleno

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