S.A.C. Influences Columbus events

SAC, also known as Student Activities Committee, has made a huge impact on the school’s overall social environment. SAC works tirelessly behind the scenes of each and every Columbus event in order to make the experience one to remember.
The club is run by Columbus faculty member, Anneris Cedeño, who assures that each event is one of a kind.

The club is responsible for taking control over some of
Columbus’s biggest events such as, the Columbus versus Belen football game and pep rally. Before the night of Miami’s biggest high school football showdown, SAC prepares the largest pep rally Columbus will ever host throughout the year. The pep rally is filled with excitement and adrenaline thanks to all the SAC members who work to make it happen.
A key figure in this year’s pep rally was SAC member and Columbus student, Joey Vazquez who helped make the 2016 Columbus pep rally reach its potential. He took part in creating the concept of the 2016 pep rally. Vazquez worked to make sure the pep rally was one to remember using the public figure, Harambe the gorilla, as this year’s theme in the pep rally.
SAC is also responsible for taking control of Columbus’s most popular school dances. Beach Bash, being the biggest dance each year, is a huge success. Homecoming, also produced by SAC, makes a blowout every year bringing ladies from various schools
The most important and probably the most memorable dance of all dances is senior prom. Like every other event, SAC makes the dance fun, safe but most importantly memorable. SAC makes sure that each dance is top notch, with good DJ’s, good music, and making the overall environment fun.
Each school event has a unique aspect to them thanks to the hard working SAC members who pour their hearts out into make sure Columbus students have the time of their lives while in high school. From how each dance has gone this year it can only get better and better.

With contributions by: Marcel Ortega and Joey De La Viesca.

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