Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market delights residents

Have you ever wondered what to do on a Sunday afternoon with your family, well head on down to Lincoln Road’s Farmers Market from 9am-6pm every Sunday between Washington Avenue and Meridian Avenue. The fresh garden market features fruits, vegetables, fresh cut flowers, plants and other items, such as bread, honey, jams and jellies.

“We started coming here a lot ever since me and my wife had kids because of the family environment and healthy and delicious food choices you can pick from,” says Farmers Market customer, Kal Inunganti.

Lincoln Road is the perfect location for the Farmers Market as it is known as the heart of Miami with its rich culture and diverse population.

“I love Lincoln Road. I have been here for seventeen years and everyday it still surprises me,” says Ivan Comas, Owner of the Green Bar.

Not only do the people and city make the Market special but also the variety of materials or food you can pick from. You can go jewelry shopping, eat an arepa, and drink pineapple juice all at the same time. You can do all of these things because the people of the city sell what they want.

“A great thing about the market is the fact that we are able to make and sell whatever we feel like. Last week, I ran an ice cream parlor but now I am selling Nutella bars,” says Christina Grey, Owner of Chocolate Delights.

With all these different options and great setting there is no argument towards why you have not gone to the Lincoln Road Farmers Market.

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