Explorers celebrate homecoming week

The start of the school year is often filled with excitement and nerves, but homecoming week is a time for students to transition into the bulk of the school year while having a fun time.

The Student Activities Club or S.A.C is responsible for the events of homecoming. They have made the event more than just a dance or a football game, but an entire week of festivities.

Christopher Columbus teacher Robert Linfors has seen many homecoming weeks during his tenure at the school, however he feels the importance of the week has increased drastically since his start at the school. “The new events every year make it so much fun and different like twin day” said Linfors. Homecoming at Columbus allowed students to have dress down days and it gave them many different opportunities to express themselves. Many teachers believe that getting away from a normal school day was good for the students and faculty because everyone tends to be more comfortable during the day. “The students still do their work in a comfortable environment and it fun for everyone even faculty.” said Linfors.

S.A.C co-moderator Mrs. Kenia Gonzalez decided on the themes of each day. The process took a long time. “Weeks and weeks of planning,”said Gonzalez. She does feel the time is worth the result though. “The students enjoy themselves, maybe a little too much at times,” said Gonzalez. She, like many others feel that the daily themes were important because they led up to the two biggest events of the week, the football game and the dance.

Sophomore S.A.C president, Max Shore, knows the importance of the game not only to the school, but to the whole student body. This year’s game was more extraordinary than past ones because it was a rivalry showdown between the Columbus Explorers and the Coral Gables Cavaliers for the district championship. “This game is so important to us for the playoffs and our season.” said Shore. Most years the game doesn’t have big playoff implications, but with the big win for the Explorers, Homecoming week was even more successful than planned.

The final cherry on top for the week was the extravagant Homecoming dance at the Double Tree hotel. The dance raked in a ridiculous amount of money for the school as it was 150 dollars per couple to enter. The students of Columbus use the dance to finally be with girls for a night instead of all boys for a change. “Being with Lourdes and other girl schools gives the boys a chance to have something different,” said Gonzalez. The students were able to enjoy a fun night of talking, eating, and dancing to top off an already great week.

Columbus Homecoming was a fun time for all involved. The students and faculty were able to enjoy a different type of week and the school was able to raise money. “It was a success,” said Linfors, and it will continue to be a success as the years continue to come.

By Kenny Debs and contributions by Kori Santiago and Caden Whelpley

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