A continued Columbus tradition has students asking for seconds

          Playing games in class, eating pizza while taking tests, enjoying sweets galore– these fantasies are usually apart of a student’s imagination, but for two weeks Columbus makes them a reality.

September 19th, 2016 marked the start of Christopher Columbus High School’s annual Walkathon. “Walkathon is a fundraiser that benefits the entire school in many different areas,” said Columbus teacher and Walkathon legend, Butch Staiano. Staiano has led his freshmen homeroom class to raise the most money in the entire freshmen grade for the past 3 years. His classroom is temporarily turned into “Staiano’s 7/11”, where he sells everything from pizza to candy, to cookies to coke. Staiano’s room even gets teased by other teachers such as Jose Mendoza, who put stickers on his door stating “[[DON’T CHOOSE STAINO]]”. Even with the teasing, Staiano’s market draws so much attention from everyone at Columbus. “Mr. Staiano is a very competitive man and he owns this little shop . . . a refrigerator magically appears at the beginning of Walkathon and he begins to sell sodas and things,” said Columbus Freshman, Ricardo Avila.

Staiano is just one example of the many Columbus traditions that bring enthusiasm to the school. “Well, I think early in the year after the kids have settled in and the sports seasons are on and many other clubs and activities have started, I think it’s a large way of getting the school enthusiastically involved in raising the money,” said Staiano. The enthusiasm at the school is definitely higher during Walkathon, with teachers allowing for unique and out of the box games such as Ms. Rayneri’s dartboard and Mr. Pino’s trash can basketball. These games and food sales make students anticipate Walkathon even more. “I wish we had more of this!” said Columbus junior, Noah Rodriguez.

Walkathon is one of the most unique experiences Columbus has to offer, and it’s one that every Columbus student cherishes. The games and food offer a unique and exciting experience that Columbus students never forget.

Contributions by Victor Prieto

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