Roller Hockey Grows In Miami

Roller hockey is a sport that not many people have found interest in in recent years. However, not all people have lost interest for the sport, as can be seen in Christopher Columbus High School. It has, slowly, over the years, lost the interest of students.

Christopher Columbus student, Andre Madrid, recently has had interest in the sport of roller hockey, and has made efforts to revive the sport in the school. According to him, it has been a struggle to bring his ambitions for roller hockey in Columbus a reality. He aims to spread his interest in the sport to others in the school to try to bring about a revival of the sport.

Despite its current state, the sport was once popular. Over time, people have lost interest in it. The history of roller hockey as a sport is important to know to understand how its rise and fall in popularity came to be today.

In 1940, the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association published a set of roller hockey rules drawn from an NHL booklet that was designed to grow interest in the playing of hockey on roller skates. Because of World War II, roller hockey tournaments did not develop until after the war in the late 1940’s.

It became popular predominantly in the northern parts of the U.S. and the bordering Canadian cities. Because of the attention to commercial television at the time, roller hockey became more popular. In 1959, the selection of a National Puck Hockey Committee introduced special rules for different types of puck roller hockey. The American Roller Hockey Association was formed by Joe Spillman, its first commissioner. Spillman, being a former roller rink owner, knew what he was getting into and the potential that the sport would have. With his help, the sport gained more popularity in the U.S..

Roller Hockey, in recent years, began to lose its popularity that it once had. New, other sports began to take over such as Lacrosse. People have forgotten about the previously loved sport that gained its fame in the late 1940’s. With the most participating high school in Dade county being Christopher Columbus High School, as of now, the sport remains as an slow growing yet enjoyable pastime.

With contributions by: Steven Lee, Joseph de la Viesca

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