E-Sports Plays Its Way Into Columbus

E-Sports, or competitive gaming, has become extremely popular for gamers and many others around the world, but E-Sports aren’t just simply video games to play with friends online.

“I played and I coached football. I see the time commitment, I see the way they practice. It’s the same as football.” said E-Sports Club Moderator Andrew Harriman.

E-Sports is similar to what a sport is because it requires mastery in skill, strategy, practice, and commitment. Many players in the E-Sports club play at home, where they take time to becoming better at games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, and other games. Factors in many games such as lane strategies, spraying patterns, gun types, hero types, and more allow flexibility for strategy. E-Sports players not only practice by just playing games, but they test strategies and use them in tournaments to get the upper hand on opponents, similar to a playbook.

“I believe E-Sports are taken just as seriously as real sports, by a smaller number of people,” said Chris Dominguez.

Though adored by a smaller group than sports fans, E-Sports is a growing and now prevalent category in entertainment. The commitment of E-Sports players and a mix of enthusiasm from their viewers is reflected by its significant growth since 2014. According to a study done by a research firm by the name of Newzoo, E-Sports has had 205 million fans in 2014, and has grown by 21% each year. As well as the growth, gaming is already the most viewed and favorite category on YouTube, showing its prevalence in the entertainment community.

“It takes a lot of time to invest in and it takes a lot of practice, but they’re making really good figures for playing video games and being good at what they do,” said E-Sports Club Member Walter Martinez.

E-Sports players in 2016 now make over $1,000,000 depending on their sponsorship and gaming skill. Many groups such as Faze, Optic, Gambit, and others have created over hundreds of thousands of dollars solely in sponsorships for winning tournaments like ESL Cologne, a major “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” tournament held in Germany. An American E-Sports player and top paid E-Sports player, Saahil Arora, has made $2,000,000 in earnings since the start of his career, before E-Sports became a popular entertainment category. E-Sports has truly grown not only for viewers, but players as well.

With the time and dedication from E-Sports players as well as the enthusiasm from fans, E-Sports has become an extremely popular form of entertainment and will continue to grow over the years.

With Contributions By Victor Arechavaleta and Steven Lee

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