Mrs. Mallafre on the other side of the fence

With a brand new school and a whole new learning and teaching environment, Amy Mallafre has noticed many differences from her previous school. Amy Mallafre used to be a teacher at St. Brendan High School, the neighboring school to Christopher Columbus High school, but made her move to Christopher Columbus High School to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Irene Culmo. “I am very impressed with their [Columbus Students’] manners, they have class, and they’re behaved,” said Amy Mallafre, who has so far been very satisfied with her students and their respect toward her as a teacher.

Amy Mallafre has had a great first few weeks at Columbus and has noticed differences between the two school’s environments. “St. Brendan is very different from Columbus in the aspect that it allows you to be yourself in the classroom,” said Amy Mallafre, who has noticed that Columbus has a very easygoing environment, where she is able to feel comfortable with both teachers and students.

“Columbus welcomes teachers with different styles,” said Amy Mallafre, who appreciates that she is able to use her own teaching style at Columbus. These two differences have made her adjustment to the school much more fluent and easy. Diversity of teaching styles at Columbus gives the school its characteristic of being enjoyable and relaxed, because many of the teachers at Columbus, though being strict, are able to connect to students much more easily, making it a better environment for both teachers and students.

Amy Mallafre knew that her move to Columbus was the right choice; she has been able to adjust very easily, and be part of the Columbus family. She’s happy to be able to reunite with old co-workers who worked at St. Brendan with her, which has also made her move more fluent than any other school. Her liking of the differences in school environments has been another factor into her adjustment, where she feels secure that she can use her own strategies to teach her students.

With contributions by Joseph Fernandez and Jose Luis Fernandez

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