Student excels across three platforms

Marcus Lemonis, Carlos Gimenez, Jose Mas, and many more. Christopher Columbus High School has produced a line of outstanding leaders through every generation that passes through its hallways. In between bells and struggling to get through the crowded hallways lies a current senior who is making a statement as Columbus’s next great leader.

Anthony Martinez, 17, has been a student at Christopher Columbus High School since his freshmen year. From the first day Anthony began, something has sparked in him that inspires him to step out of his comfort zone and presume leadership in many activities. He is currently the president of the coding club, president of the #1 high school daily news show CCNN Live, and most recently an eagle scout.

“A lot of people say it’s a lot of work, it might be hard to take on all these challenges at once, but for me they are all things that I love to do,” said Martinez. This wasn’t always Anthony’s demeanor, however, as he was in fact very shy and uptight at a very young age. Martinez stated that before he came into Columbus, he had a very small circle of friends and wasn’t as outgoing as he is now. Ana Cuervo, Anthony’s mother, said, “He’s become a leader because of his desire to teach others and lead them into success.”

In every activity he takes on whether it be in front of a computer screen, through a camera lense, or in the great outdoors, Anthony has left his mark on those who look up to him as their role model. Nicolas Chediak, a life scout, stated that Anthony is always very organized with everything he does and treats every job as if it were for money. Anthony has led a national team to a championship victory in broadcast journalism and built an entire computer lab for a library in his community, pretty big feats for someone in the final stages of high school.

As senior year progress, Anthony expressed how he seeks doesn’t have any intention to stop leading anytime soon. When he completes one of the biggest chapter of his life, Anthony plans to take on any challenge thrown his way leading any group that will follow him.


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