Freshmen Field Day unites young students

The annual Freshman Field Day is a day that enables incoming high school students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This event allows kids to meet new people they other wise, wouldn’t talk to.

Freddy Martinez shares his experience with telling us “I’ve made many friends, it’s nice I was able to compete with my homeroom and come together as a team in sports like football.” But freshmen field day is not just about the competition but the life long memories that are made through the event.

Joey Vazquez gave us a more in depth view as to what freshmen field day means stating quote,” The transition from middle school ain’t that easy, it is an entire new environment, and there a whole lot of new friends to be made. and freshmen field day is going to be that day where you are going to see your homeroom, the homeroom you’re going to be with for the next four years and start instilling that brotherhood  that columbus has had for years.”

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