Intramural Sports starts off again at Christopher Columbus High School

Intramurals has been going on for over 13 years at Columbus, but what really are Intramurals? “Intramural Sports at Columbus is a great opportunity for students not part of athletic teams to enjoy athletics with their fellow Explorers” said Mr. Moritz. James Moritz is the Intramurals Moderator; his job is to basically make sure Intramurals goes off without a hitch. Mr. Moritz shows off Intramurals as being a place where Columbus students can unwind and just have fun getting away from the hassles of a school day; saying “life can’t be all work and no play”.

The Intramural program includes 3 on 3 basketball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. “There’s something for everyone!”. Students have known Intramurals to just be a place to hang out with new and old friends.

The Intramural Sports scene is always open to all students and players just wanting to have fun; students from all around the school participate in intramurals even those how have spots on the Varisty and JV sports teams. That’s for many reasons. Some say it’s because there just trying to meet new people and others just want compete with old friends, but James Moritz says its all in good fun. In the case of Nikoli Bellmas a Columbus Senior saying “since it’s my last year he really wants to push himself to compete against his friends” to just enjoy the time he has left here at Columbus. But the only question all of us who are still reading my story should be asking is, why Mr. Moritz isn’t bored of it? He states that “he is still moderating Intramurals because with being a teacher at Columbus he loves seeing some of his students taking part and working hard towards something outside of school work”. He keeps it going because he believes he’s helping students become more well-rounded (not the traditionally and ordinary 8 o’clock to 2:30 student). He loves seeing Columbus students in a different setting where the can sometimes show there tree colors and he thinks that Intramural Sports is important because it lets students know he is a teacher that likes to have fun.

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