CCNN premieres “Proof of Life”

CCNN Live produced the first movie on the Castaways Against Cancer, Proof of Life, on Sept. sixth in the Columbus Cafeteria. The film, a 35 minute documentary, followed the Castaways on their latest journey.
Friends and family supported the Castaways, and made the premiere a great one. There was a food truck and pizza at the premiere, and the crowd enjoyed the time to talk with friends before the movie started at 8:00 PM.
Castaway founder, Steve O’Brien voiced his thoughts on what viewers can learn from the film. “What can people learn about the Castaways? The power of a single good intention”, said O’Brien.
Before the movie began, CCNN moderators Omar Delgado and Christina Insua took the time to congratulate the producers on their job well done. The students were called to the stage and were given a round of applause. Then, the lights when out and the projector lit up.
The movie showed the Castaways as they embarked on their 2016 journey from Virginia Key to Key West. CCNN Live members, including director Anthony Martinez and producer Danyel De Villiers, accompanied the Castaways and documented the experience of the Castaways, including interviews of many of the kayakers.
The film shows the Castaways’ trip in a detailed approach, showing some of the hardships of the kayakers, and some of the challenges they may face. It also shows some of their favorite moments during the voyage. The film captures the heart of this mission, and doesn’t forget the purpose for which the Castaways were founded. In the end, they do something memorable and inspiring to fight a disease that can take so much from this world.
When the movie was over, crowds applauded, and their love for the movie was obvious. Viewers expressed their opinions on the film, and the feedback all seemed to be positive. Proof of Life will be available to anyone interested on DVD.

Arthur Falconi with contributions by Daniel Moure, Lazaro Gonzalez.

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