Columbus Club Fair Offers Many Clubs and Opportunities to Students

The club fair is an annual event Columbus High School hosts which grants student many opportunities to be successful throughout their high school years. The Club fair contains over 50 different clubs students can join one being Stand for The Silent. Stand for The Silent is a club run by Columbus faculty members, Mr. Ulloa and Mr. Harriman. The clubs intention is to form a union within students in the school to help stand up against bullying. It helps spread awareness for bullying while emphasizing the true meaning of brotherhood within Columbus students. Stand for The Silent is a club that has been a part of Columbus’ ampart of Columbus’ “club arsenal” and will be for many years.

There are also many clubs either than Stand for The Silent. Entertainment is what makes life interesting and the Drama Club does just that. Led by Erin Mcgrath, the drama club attracts student of all ages and grades who want to either improve their skill in theater or want to begin a career of going on stage. Performing multiple state of the art shows through out the school year, the Drama Club never ceases to fail at putting a smile on your face or tear in your eye.

The jewel of the 2016 annual club fair, the Columbus Aviation Club, made its debut.To many’s surprise the club had a membership subscription of over 30 people in the first day it was opened to columbus students. The school offers many other clubs such as Key Club, Pre Med, and Anglers Club yet the Aviation Club truly stood out of the crowd in this years fair.

The aviation club is one of the many clubs Columbus has to offer, but it was truly a standout during the club fair. The club was like bait thrown into water ripe with fish, it reeled in student after student and caught the eye of faculty members who took part at the club fair. If there was anything more eye-catching than the club itself it was the club leader. Ryan Vidal wore a full pilot’s uniform to the club fair, a serious conversation starter that no doubt caught the eye of the crowd. Whether it’s Ryan’s outfit or the club’s activities that grab people’s attention, the new Aviation club is sure to leave people with their eyes in the sky. Theres more to the club fair than just joining clubs or adding another name to a roster, its about allowing students to show who they truly and who they’d like to become. Its about making new friends meeting new people and forming relationships with people that will last a lifetime. “By getting involved in clubs and activities, students will make new friends some that will even last a lifetime.” said President of Columbus High School, Brother Kevin Handibode. Therefore the club fair did offer a battalion of new clubs, it offered many learning opportunities and the chance to meet new people.

With contributions by: Rafael Rodriguez, Steven Hernandez, and Michael Suarez

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