Traditional event sparks new beginnings

Club Fair, a time for new faces of Columbus to get active, old clubs to gain some new members and for new clubs to take off. This year’s traditional event occurred on the 14th of September all in CafĂ© Columbus where more than 60 clubs filled the entire room.

After all, one of the biggest things pushed here at Columbus is for students to get active. The Club Fair allows for the bonds of the Columbus Brotherhood to start to form because true friendships are made when students share similar interests. Javier Ortiz, Founder of the new American Voters Club, said that the importance of joining clubs is that “there’s a social aspect of joining clubs where you meet like-minded people.” Ortiz started the American Voters Club because he wanted to inform fellow students on the importance of voting especially being in election season. Ortiz also stated that clubs are where you “meet your closest friends,” one of the major attributes here at Columbus.

However none of these new clubs can get the ball rolling without the approval of one person, David Pugh, Principal of Christopher Columbus High School. “With all of these new clubs and with all of these new ideas I have to approve of them” said Pugh on the process of starting of new clubs. Pugh was happy about the 65 clubs here at Columbus saying “We always tell the students don’t be the 8 to 2:30 student, get involved after school,” and it’s look like that message hit home with the student body.

At Columbus, there’s a variety of clubs spanning from Drama to Paintball to Scuba Diving and even to its newest addition, the Aviation Club. The club was started by a group of students who were all passionate and shared similar interests about the wonders of Aviation. Fernando Machado, the Aviation Club Moderator, said about his role in the club is that “the only connection I have to Aviation is these young men, these are very motivated young men who love planes and love aviation.” Pugh gave the club a thumbs up jokingly stating “as long as they don’t fly a real airplane, I told them that they’re more than welcomed to have Aviation Club.”

Extra curricular activities are one of the biggest reasons why students come to Columbus. Not only do clubs promote camaraderie among students but to get students to make the most out of their four years at Columbus. There’s is no better way to kick off a new school year than a traditional event that allows students to begin to form the bonds of the famous Columbus brotherhood.

Contributions by: Joey Vazquez

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