Firework Show Brings Miami together in Coral Gables



The Biltmore Hotel brings many families together to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day with an extravagant firework show. With over 25,000 people in attendance, it makes it one of the more popular firework shows in South Florida.

For one day, the whole city of Miami was able to gather at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables to watch the Fourth of July fireworks.

People of all ages gathered Monday evening for the fireworks, and were able to enjoy the Greater Miami Symphonic Band that consisted of over than 50 members. Being on a golf course, families were able to enjoy the wide range space available.

Over 25 different food trucks were in attendance and both the Coral Gables Fire Rescue and Police Department were roaming around making sure the event was family safe.

With the main event being the fireworks, it couldn’t be possible without the Pyrotechnic team that was behind this “work of art”

“We plan months ahead and work out the logistics for the show,” said Gary Avins, the Pyrotechnic Director. “We come a week prior to the event to set up all of the fireworks.”

Then, came the wonderful 30-minute firework show.

“I think we have one of the best fireworks [show] in all of South Florida,” said Coral Gables Mayor James Cason. Being the mayor of Coral Gables for 5 years, James commented on saying how this was his favorite event the city holds, saying how it’s wonderful having all families of nationalities celebrating a national holiday together.

“We just decided with some of my friends and family friends that we would go out and watch the fireworks,” said Julianne Portuondo, an attendee Monday night. She later went on to say that being able to see families together having picnics and running around is what holidays like this one are meant for, to be out and enjoy the national event.

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