Annual Dick Pollack and Tom O’Neil Memorial Golf Classic


In memory of Dick Pollack and Tom O’Neil, two amazing Columbus alumni, the annual golf tournament held at the Trump National Doral for the past 14 years is a great way for alumni to reunite with each other along with playing a round of golf. The tournament is by far Columbus’ greatest fundraiser as it has already brought in 16 million dollars in the 28 years the tournament has taken place. Along with raising the money to support Columbus it does a phenomenal job reuniting old friends for a day.

The tournament isn’t as much of a fierce competition but more like a friendly fight to see which Columbus alumni can play the best round of golf. Ending the day with a prayer from Brother Kevin and a nice lunch, the Dick Pollack and Tom O’Neil Memorial Golf Classic is without a doubt an event that no alumni will want to miss.

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