Columbus drama club performs ambitious improv show

Every year the Columbus drama club puts together an improv show that showcases all the Columbus thespians’ talents. This show, Too Much Light Makes The Explorer Go Blind is one of the club’s most popular events and was put on throughout the last week of April for Columbus students and faculty.

Club moderator Erin McGrath states that the show this year has at least sixty-four different skits,  thirty of which are randomly selected each night for the students to perform. The show pushes performers to their limit as they have to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at them seamlessly in order to keep the audience entertained. McGrath is aware of the challenges that come from this saying “Improv to me… is one of the most difficult kinds of theater.”

“It takes a lot of creativity” says Evan Bandin, former member of the drama club. “You have a lot to work with, you have audience participation, you have what skit is being performed, you have your fellow cast members.” Bandin continued by describing that if a performer places themselves in the right mindset of doing it for themselves instead of the audience, the daunting task of performing improv becomes less difficult.

It is clear to see that the thespians need to put in a lot of work to get the show just right. Rafael Vergara, a member of the drama club, opened up about just how hard the drama club practices for the show. “Usually practice go up until six thirty, I suppose, in the afternoon and it’s just going at it continuously and working on it” he stated.

Their efforts do not go unnoticed however, as crowd reaction was very positive. Students such as freshman Mauricio Escopar were thoroughly entertained. “They came up with funny stuff out of nowhere… the drama club did really good.” He continued by saying how he could see that they had practiced very hard for the show in their performance. It seems that all their hard work payed off in the end.

Video produced with assistance from: Rafael Fernandez, Marcos Cibran, and Fernando Puig

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