Columbus’ STEM club competes globally

As technology in the school becomes more relevant, many clubs surrounding it also reach out and get to compete in many technology oriented competitions. Clubs like robotics have been doing it for quite some time already. However, there is one club in particular that has reached out to compete in an international competition known as “The Conrad Challenge: Spirit of Innovation” which is held in the marvelous Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Visitor Complex. This club is focused on pure innovation, DIY projects, coding, engineering, and electronics. Nevertheless, i’m talking about the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math club, or as it is mostly referred to, The STEM Club.

“The Conrad Challenge is very competitive and you get like 150 teams from around the world and it’s a great way for kids to get together, innovate, and try to change the world” Said Charles Frazier, STEM Club moderator at Christopher Columbus. This competition is proven to be challenging as you must come up with an original idea and then present it towards judges and an entire public. This kind of experience is hard to find elsewhere since it is very hard to find a competition like such. Now, this kind of experience is always an important thing to take with you because you get to perfect your presentation skills and you also get to meet new people from around the globe.

“It’s important for the guys in STEM because through this competition and the presentations they learn how to develop and sell a product or idea and they also learn how people react to such ideas,” said Simon Tsaoussis, president of the STEM Club. These fundamental experiences should help these innovators in the future as they move on in life as scientists and/or engineers. Other than having the opportunity to win great prizes, they also get a sample of how an original idea can be introduced to the world.

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